Electronic cigarettes with nicotine “very similar to drinking coffee” UK Professor reports

Electronic Cigarettes effects are very similar to drinking coffee

A UK professor states electronic cigarettes with nicotine are “very similar to drinking coffee” to the body.

A recent test was completed at Queen Mary University in London, England with a subject.  He is having the levels of carbon monoxide tested both after using en electronic cigarette, and then a tobacco cigarette.  You can watch the video here.

This test is overseen by Professor Peter Hayek.   Hayek stated: “Many people see nicotine itself as a dangerous poison, but if nicotine is taken without the accompanying toxins (such as with an electronic cigarette) then the health effects would be very similar to drinking coffee”.

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“E-cigarettes contain no discernible toxins or carbon monoxide” as stated by the reporter Graham Satchell of the BBC.  After using a carbon monoxide detector both before starting the test,  immediately after using an electronic cigarette, and then immediately after using a tobacco cigarette, the test clearly showed that electronic cigarettes do not increase carbon monoxide in the body, whereas tobacco cigarettes do.  Carbon monoxide is very dangerous for the body.  There is good evidence that high levels of carbon monoxide in the blood of smokers is one of the main factors causing smokers to have increased rates of cardiovascular diseases (such as angina and heart attacks)1  It is clear that reduced oxygen supply caused by carbon monoxide is a major factor.



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