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5 Tips to Make Your Vaporizer Long Lasting

Vaporizers are becoming popular on the market used to vape e-liquid. They are also cost-effective as you can use a device for several months. Once you have the battery, your recurring costs will involve replacing coils and e-liquids. The frequency of replacing them depends on how often you use the device.

While replacing liquids is straightforward, the key to a long vaporizer lifespan is to maintain the coil. The cost of constantly replacing a burnt coil is a downside of vaping. Therefore,

1.   Use the right coil

Use the right coil

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Purchase quality coils and vapes with replacement pods that will guarantee long life. Vape coils are strands of thin wire that connect with the base. When the coil and wick heat, the fluid turns into vapor to inhale. Every time you vape, the wick gets dry and sucks up more juice from the tank. Your device lifespan depends on using the best quality atomizer that will stand heating without burning.

Also, use the correct wicking material in your vaporizer. The materials include cotton, ceramic, stainless steel, and wool. Every coil has its characteristics, including wattage ratings and where it functions best. For example, organic cotton provides better flavors, while a vaporizer with ceramic heating element is durable and preserves flavors. Buy coils made for the specific device you use.

2.   Clean your device often.

This might seem like an obvious thing, but some people may not regularly clean their devices. Regular maintenance of your device is the first route to increasing the vapes lifespan. Depending on your vaping habit, ensure you constantly remove residues from the vaporizer.

Like any other device, regular use stretches the coil. The coil receives the e-juice residue and grime that can block its functioning. If you are a chain smoker, ensure you clean your device once every week to get the best out of your device.

Apart from giving the device a long life, regular cleaning ensures you get clean hits. New coils and clean tanks offer better flavors that will stick forever. When cleaning the tank, remove any old juice residues. For example, rinse the coil with water to remove any juice traces. When cleaning the device, focus on the chamber, vapor path, and screens in the vapor path.

3.   Use premium liquid

Use premium liquid

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The type of e-liquid determines how long you will use your vaporizer. Today, you will find dozens of vape juices on the market with variant characteristics. Choose a liquid with less sweetener  since sugar will gunk up the coil and prevent the wick from soaking new juice. A coil will burn if the wick is not adequately saturated.

Also, focus on liquids with PG bases for a long vape life. Vape juices containing high VG content can burn your coil. This is because they are thick and affect the wick from soaking. Therefore, use PG liquids that are thinner and dip into the wick well. These e-liquids with higher PG content make it easy for the coil to work.

Use the right e-juice that won’t damage your coils. Premium liquids can make a difference in your vaporizer lifespan. Avoid e-liquids that give more gunk and residue to the coil. Instead, use the liquid with a balanced proportion of VG and PG.

4.   User appropriate temperatures

User appropriate temperatures

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The life of a vaporizer depends on how you use it. Using high wattage’s during vaping can shorten the life of your device. It stresses the coil since the liquid burns faster, thus risking burning it. You can make your device long-lasting by using lower wattage settings on your battery. Check the temperature settings to ensure it doesn’t have high wattage that will cause the coil to dry quickly.

Temperature control prevents the wick from burning, allowing you to enjoy vaping for longer. This is where you set a maximum temperature for the vaporizer before vaping. Every time the coil reaches this maximum temperature, the battery stops delivering power. It prevents the wick from getting dry and burning quickly.

While high wattage’s produce enormous clouds, they will shorten the vape life and force you into constant replacing. High wattage makes the coil heat while struggling to soak up e-liquid. Reducing the power setting can extend the coil’s lifespan.

5.   Prime new coils before using

Prime new coils before using

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One of the main tips to lengthen your vapes lifespan is to prime a new coil before using it. The coil will burn if you use it immediately without priming the atomizer head. Ensure you saturate the wick before you vape to stretch its lifespan. However, be careful not to over-saturate and flood the vape.

If you don’t prime it, the coil can burn straight away since it is too dry. Give it five minutes to saturate with the vape juice and be ready to heat. Alternatively, you can manually prime your coil if you don’t want to wait.

The Bottom Line

Vaporizers can have a long lifespan, depending on how you use them. Poor vaping habits can cause your coil to burn quickly and affect your vaping experience. If you want to avoid the cost of constantly replacing the coils, these tips can help lengthen the vapes’ lifespan. Ensure you apply them to stop the vape coil from quickly burning. While vaping is a great way to switch from cigarettes, your experience depends on taking proper care of the device.

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