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California suggests their residence to put E-cigarettes down

In one of the most aggressive and polarizing statements made by any government agency anywhere in the United States, the California Department of Public Health [CDPH] stated this: “refrain from vaping, no matter the substance or source”.

This is an incredible and ignorant step outside of any conceived rationality, and for that matter any scientific evidence currently available on this topic. If you suggest current nicotine vapors to stop using vaping products, you are sending them back to cigarettes as the only effective source to receive their nicotine fix. We are all aware of the incredible damage smoking cigarettes causes and for government to recommend this action is nothing short of a catastrophic misguided statement from ignorant overzealous political figures.

Even the Center for disease control has made the statement “to date, national and state data suggest that products containing THC, particularly those obtained off the street or from other informal sources are linked to most of the cases and play a major role in the outbreak”.(Citation)Nanny State

The CDC also states “if you are an adult using E cigarettes, or vaping, products, to quit smoking, do not return to smoking cigarettes.” (Citation)

It feels like the California government is protecting the legalization of marijuana while ignoring the obvious fact that THC pods are the primary source for the illnesses taking place in the United States. It is estimated by Forbes magazine that California has total sales of recreational marijuana products in the neighborhood of $2.75 billion dollars. They have a lot of skin in the game regarding marijuana products.

Dr. Charity Dean, who is the acting state public health officer stated: “there are numerous unknown factors at this time, and due to the uncertainty of the exact cause, it is our recommendation that consumers refrain from vaping until the investigation has concluded.”

Vaping nicotine E–liquid has been around the United States for over a decade and has caused no known acute lung illnesses since its inception. Yet it is now recommended by the California government to stop due to an uncorrelated and unsubstantiated piece of information. The E-cigarettes themselves are not the culprit, but rather specific products being used inside the devices.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail, as California has always been the most dramatically socialist state in the United States and more controlling than any other state.

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