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Donald Trump suggests rising the vaping age to 21 “or so”

According to CNBC, Trump stated “We’re going to be coming out with a very important position on vaping. We have to take care of our kids, most importantly, so we are going to have an age limit of 21 or so, so will be coming out with something next week very important on vaping”

In the United States, the legal age of vaping nicotine e- liquid varies from 18 to 21 depending on the state.

At this time, 29 out of 51 states and territories have their minimum age set at 18, four out of 51 at 19, and in 18 out of 51 the minimum age to purchase vaping products is 21.

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While Trump in the past has suggested the idea of banning flavors, he seems to be quite indecisive and has said it to be meeting with vaping advocates along with professionals to consider his options.

This is a bit of a wait and see situation. Nothing officially has been legislated, but the writing seems to be on the wall that there will be changes made to the laws in the United States regarding vaping imposed by the federal government.

Originally reported by The Verge.

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