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Keeping your kids safe – Being responsible with your electronic cigarette

Being Responsible with Your Electronic Cigarettes

I can remember back BEFORE lighters were childproof. I actually remember as a teenager who smoked buying these new fancy lighters with metal circles inside of them, and how annoying they were.  I actually remember pulling apart my Bic lighter to remove this annoying metal piece that made it harder for me to flick my bic.  Nowadays it would seem not only strange but dangerous to see a lighter that did not have child protection on it.

In the same way, as responsible adults using electronic cigarettes in Canada, we need to be responsible with our electronic cigarette devices.  It is our responsibility to ensure that our e-liquid and e-cigarette accessories are kept well away from pets and our children, as both children and pets tend to get into everything!  In the same way we keep our lighters and matches away from our children we need to do the same with our electronic cigarettes and e juice!  At CanadaVapes.com, all of our e-liquid is sold with child-proof lids, but this is only the beginning.  It is up to each adult to be responsible with the safety of their families, and keeping e-juice in areas out of reach of children and pets is just the smart thing to do.

In a recent study, it has been reported that e-cigarette related poisoning has been on the rise in the United States.  It is up from 1 in September 2010 to 215 in February 2014.  While this is not a giant number, it is still significant.  As e-cigarettes become more popular and available across Canada, we must do our due diligence to ensure that everyone is responsible.  In Ontario, there were 10 reported cases of nicotine poisoning in 2013 reported by the Poison control center.

Nicotine is a poison, and when ingested orally in large amounts can be fatal.  Even in smaller doses, e-liquid with nicotine can cause upset stomachs, headaches, and nausea.   If you do vape electronic cigarettes, you likely at one time or another have had a device leak some e-liquid into your mouth.  It is not a pleasant experience, and even in smokers and vapers, who’s bodies are used to nicotine in their body already, it can cause an upset stomach.  Imagine now how much worse just a small amount can be for a child or small animal.  Just a few drops will cause a very bad experience!

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