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Mr. Fog Switch: The Hottest Disposable Around!

In this article we will be providing an overview of the Mr. Fog Switch Disposable Vaporizer. Mr. Fog is a popular brand among Canadians, most notably for their disposable vapes. Recently, they released their newest product, the Mr. Fog Switch, which has been a massive hit with vapers everywhere. The Switch is a synthetic nicotine disposable that has an optimized airflow adjuster, making it ultra customizable with a fantastic bold flavour range. These factors combined are enough to have vapers going crazy for these disposable vaporizers. Want to know what all the hype is about? Keep on reading!



Mr. Fog Switch Disposable

Kit Contents

Inside the box, you’ll receive your Mr. Fog Switch Disposable device and a small Type-C charging cord. It’s a nice feature to include a charger in every box, although it can become a little overwhelming if you buy these products often. You may find yourself a little bombarded with chargers, but at least you’ll never run out of them!

Mr. Fog Switch Device Details

The Mr. Fog Switch boasts an impressive 5500 puff count, filled with 15ml of liquid containing 5% synthetic nicotine. While the concept of synthetic nicotine might raise concerns for some, it actually offers many advantages.

If you’re someone who has been missing higher nicotine levels, like the 50mg/ml nicotine strength, the Mr. Fog Switch can be an excellent alternative. Synthetic nicotine provides a smoother and milder vaping experience while still delivering the desired nicotine hit. Therefore, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a more controlled and satisfying vaping experience. Without the harshness associated with traditional nicotine sources. Here is some more information on the benefits of synthetic nicotine.

There is a 650mAh battery, which is not bad for the size, and the Type-C charging ensures a quick charge that lasts you most of the day.

Solid Build and Design

The structure of the Mr. Fog Switch is special due to its middle airflow adjuster. Being the main component of this device, the large and easy to control airflow wheel makes for ultimate customization and freedom to vape however you want to. The mesh coil inside is built with premium materials, and the look of the device is fresh and attractive with bold colours and a simple design.

Delicious Flavours

The Mr. Fog switch comes in a wide variety of bold and unique flavours, with even more on the way. The flavours are very sweet, and do not burn out quickly. Each flavour of the Switch has its own personality, and there truly is something for everyone.

In conclusion, we agree with the hype around the Mr. Fog Switch disposable devices. These one of a kind devices provide everything needed for disposable fans. We can’t wait to try out their new flavours, and see what comes next as far as progression for the Switch disposables. If these sound just as good to you as they do to us, you can grab yours today at canadavapes.com!

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