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Vaping in Yukon

Welcome to the Canada Vapes online vape shop’s Yukon vaping information page. As Canada’s premier vape retailer, we provide useful info on vaping laws, products, and delivery options for Yukon vapers.

Vaping Laws and Regulations in Yukon

Yukon is Canada’s westernmost territory known for the Klondike Gold Rush, Northern Lights, and outdoor adventures. With a population around 40,000, here are the key vaping laws in Yukon:

  • The new Tobacco and Vaping Products Control and Regulation Act regulates the use, sale, display and promotion of vaping products similar to tobacco products.
  • The minimum age to purchase tobacco and vaping products is now 19 years old.
  • Providing or selling tobacco or vaping products to those under 19 is illegal.
  • “No vaping” signs must now be posted along with “no smoking” signs in public places and workplaces.
  • Vaping is prohibited in all the same public places as smoking, including restaurants, bars, transit shelters, offices, etc.
  • Vaping is prohibited in vehicles used for work or with minors under 19 present.
  • Vaping is prohibited within 5 metres of doorways, windows, and air intakes of public places and workplaces.
  • Retailers cannot display or promote vaping products in places where youth are present.
  • Hotel rooms can be designated as smoking or vaping rooms.
  • Employers cannot allow employees to vape at work or in work vehicles with 2 or more people.
  • Building owners/managers must post no vaping signs and stop people from vaping inside.
  • Vaping on school grounds is prohibited.
  • The Act allows for designated outdoor smoking/vaping areas away from building entrances.
  • Environmental health officers enforce the law, provide guidance, and investigate complaints.
  • Nicotine e-liquid is restricted to a maximum concentration of 20mg/mL.

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Canada Vapes provides fast, discreet shipping of vape products right to your door in Yukon. We ship via Canada Post’s carbon-neutral delivery services for timely, eco-friendly deliveries. A valid ID showing you are 19+ is required.

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Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizers

For recreational cannabis users, we offer quality dry herb and concentrate vaporizers from trusted brands like Black Widow, Herbva, Vivant, XMAX, and Yocan. Recreational marijuana can be legally purchased in Yukon at licensed retailers by those 19+.

  • The Yukon government proposes setting 19 as the minimum legal age for possessing, consuming, and growing cannabis.
  • Adults 19 and over would be allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in public.
  • People under 19 could not purchase or possess cannabis.
  • Adults would be allowed to grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household.
  • Recreational cannabis use would be limited to private residences and adjoining properties where permitted.
  • The Yukon government would have sole authority to import, warehouse, transport and distribute cannabis for commercial purposes.
  • A licensing system for private cannabis retail stores is planned but needs more time for development and regulations.
  • Most survey respondents supported the federal cannabis legalization plan and Yukon’s framework priorities around public health, harm reduction, protecting youth, and displacing the illegal market.
  • Most respondents supported proposed possession, cultivation, and consumption rules aligned with federal laws.
  • Most supported government oversight of cannabis distribution, and a mix of public and private retail stores.
  • Strong support existed for restrictions on cannabis-impaired driving, public education in stores, and limiting public consumption.

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Your Online Vape Shop in Yukon

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We have comprehensively covered vaping and cannabis laws for other provinces of Canada. Check out our Laws & Regulations section.

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