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Ontario Government to Restrict E-cigarette Sales

In a surprising fast action by the Ontario government, they are planning on implementing a bill to restrict the use of electronic cigarettes and treat them similarly to tobacco cigarettes.

This law which was introduced today (Monday, November 24th) will ban anyone under the age of 19 from purchasing electronic cigarettes in Ontario.  It will also ban e-cigarette from being used in any area where tobacco cigarettes are already prohibited.

The new addition to the ‘smoke free Ontario’ legislation is trying to add

  • The removal of all flavoured tobacco cigarettes, cigars, etc.
  • The removal of all menthol tobacco products
  • Beefing up enforcement — Increasing fines and penalties to the highest of any province in Canada
  • New legislation of e-cigarettes “We know they appeal to young people because they are cheaper and easily available”
  • “Treat e-cigarettes the same way we treat tobacco cigarettes”
  • Prohibit the sales of e-cigarettes  to anyone under the age of 19
  • Prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in places where the use of cigarettes is prohibited.
  • Ban the sale of e-cigarettes in places where the sale of tobacco is prohibited
  • Prohibit the promotion of e-cigarettes in places where tobacco cigarettes are sold.

This is a pretty significant deal for all e-cigarette users.  Please read through all of the amendments specifically regarding e-cigarettes.

Face Off   With Center Ice

Ban the sale of e-cigarettes in places where the sale of tobacco is prohibited

This literally means that only variety stores, gas stations, and places who can legally sell tobacco cigarettes would be able to sell e-cigarettes.  No more small business retail stores anywhere.  No more ordering online anywhere.  No more competition on pricing, creation of unique and custom flavours, etc.  In the same way that the government regulates (and taxes) tobacco cigarettes, expect identical taxing and regulation of e-cigarettes sold in these establishments.

No mention of ‘Nicotine’ vs. “No Nicotine” e-cigarettes

This bill is effectively attacking the actual electronic device called the e-cigarette.  Even marijuana smokers know that the accessories used — Bongs, pipes, etc. are not subject to government scrutiny, yet they are blanketing and lumping all e-cigarettes into the same policy, effectively banning and restricting them all.

Removal of all flavoured e-liquid

By lumping e-cigarettes together with cigarettes, they are now able to effectively ban all flavourd e-liquid.  No more RY4, menthol, cinnamon, apple, peach, etc. e-liquid.  You will be limited to tobacco flavours only.  This is s significant impact on vapers across Ontario, as the majority of ex-smokers who are current vapors prefer non-tobacco flavours.

Severely limiting the paces one can Vape (use an e-cigarette)

By placing e-cigarette together with tobacco cigarettes in the smoke free Ontario act, you will now not be able to vape anywhere where you cannot use a tobacco cigarette.  This includes:

  • Child Care facilities
  • Mother Vehicles driven with anyone under 16
  • Enclosed workplaces — At all times even when not open for business
  • Smoking Shelters — No more then 2 walls and a roof
  • Areas where health care workers are present
  • Hopsitals
  • Common areas of hotels, motels, and inns
  • Multi-unit residences

We know they appeal to young people because they are cheaper and easily available

In my opinion, this is just setting the ‘defense’ statement for the Ontario government, in a shroud to attempt to justify their actions.  The protection of children, who could argue with this?  In their statements, they make absolutely no notice on the benefits e-cigarettes have had, and currently have on current smokers unable to quit, offering an alternative to smoking.  They make no mention of the potential to save MILLIONS OF LIVES as stated by the World Health Organization.  “These products could be among the most significant health innovations of the 21st century — perhaps saving hundreds of millions of lives. The urge to control and suppress them as tobacco products should be resisted,” the experts wrote.”  This is the real reason for e-cigarette development and use.  No one wants non smokers to use e-cigarettes.  No one wants children to use e-cigarettes.  Any regulation specifically toward this would be appreciated by the community, but most of their policy changes go away from ‘protecting children’ towards ‘destroying the rights of Ontario’s vapers’.

Should you like to support the cause of protesting Bill 45, please visit your local Vape shop to sign a petition that will be presented at the next reading of the bill.

by Founder. Smoke free since 2009 :)

15 thoughts on “Ontario Government to Restrict E-cigarette Sales

  1. Matt

    You say ‘This law which was introduced today (Monday, November 24th) will ban anyone under the age of 19 from purchasing electronic cigarettes in Canada.’ This is a provincial law and will only apply to Ontario, not all of Canada. I hope this doesn’t pass, even though I live TROC, this is bad precedent for the rest of us.

  2. Tina

    it’s funny how the government always says “it’s to protect the children”. if that is their aim how it’s ok for grocery stores to sell non alcoholic beer stored on shelves at eye level to children? how are they protecting children when it comes to alcohol consumption? if they looked at alcohol the same way they look at smoking then they would have to hide non alcoholic beer behind counters, and why stop there? why not attack all carbonated beverages? don’t they encourage drinking? i mean if they’re so into protecting the children there are no limits but i’m thinking that’s a whole lot of [email protected]*t. it’s all about loss of profit from tax revenue due to tobbacco sales. this is not just happening in ontario, all provinces are trying to pass the same law, nova scotia is still trying to pass it as well, you have to stand up for your rights.

  3. Janice

    It all boils down to the government wanting to get their greedy little paws in on the money. They won’t be happy till they have complete control and can charge what ever they want for the products. Pretending to be concerned about health risks is a joke!! When the government has control all the health risks will suddenly vanish, and e-cigs will be the best thing since sliced bread!!

  4. greg

    These products are controlled now, if the stores are obeying the laws. I myself used the complete “nic” free brands and actually prefer them to an actual cigarette now. More over, banning them (when if the manufacturers themselves are adhering to law) is not only beyond silly, needless, and petty… its hindering a product that is better for you in every conceivable way. Here’s an idea for those that worry about the nicotine additive types on the market… pre-make them instead… like in the states. Sell them as such, in the same current market with the same laws as they are now… Make money and stay out of my bedroom, dig it? No …. D’uh?

  5. Patrick

    Why does every government official around the world hate e-cigarettes? It’s because their losing precious tax money from cigarettes. Give me a fucking break, why don’t you government wankers put more effort into getting drug dealers off the street and leave us vapers alone. How much you want to bet that they can get e-cigarettes tax free but the rest of us have to pay tax on them, what a load of bullshit. I’m sorry for the language but these government assholes just piss me off. Here’s an idea government douche bags, how about fixing the roads with the hellishly high gas tax money instead of pocketing it.

  6. Elijah

    Howie, thanks for breaking things down into plain English, as we all know they often try to slide these things past the public in hopes that no one will question the line items. It’s weird that they made no mention of nicotine vs no-nic, so a vaporizer with pg, vg and flavor extract is still a tobacco product? Silly government. What they fail to realize is companies like you are helping people everyday quit smoking, and I’m one of them. Not only did I kick my 15 year smoking habit after finding Canada Vapes, but being a fellow serial entrepreneur I too got into the business to fight the good fight. Clearly they aren’t showing much interest in the existing studies by countless medical professionals around the globe, or the countless testimonials from life-long smokers. Not sure how this is going to pan out…

  7. george

    Common sense has been lost……i haven’t had a cigarette in 8 months…I am now vaping 0% nicotine products (took 8 months to get there…but i’m there…roughly $3000 saved to date and man oh man I feel great!!!…so in the future you may now, with my permission, give my hospital bed to someone else

  8. dave777

    Government tax greed is driving it. Hope to stock up soon as I suspect our greedy province is up to something…..

  9. Gary

    I’ve already lost faith in the Canadian government a long time ago. That way it helps to desensitize me when I hear sheer stupidity what this article is saying.

    The only way we can get the morons in parliament to look at this seriously is to tell them to do a Canadian study. Good luck trying to get them to pay for the study though!

  10. Nathaniel

    This is absolutely outrageous. I’ve been fighting with my teachers about being able to vape on school property (within a reasonable distance away from people and doors) and they keep telling me that it’s a tobacco product and that I have to stop “smoking” it’s ignorant people like these that are just speeding up the passing of bill 45

  11. summer

    Democratic country??? Starting to feel like a dictatorship to me! How about I open a, ” smoking only bar?” No children allowed of course! Or how about a, evape café? How about we vote for the government who leads and stop this following the heart bleeder who complains about anything, to anyone who will listen. I, for one am bored with knee jerk reactions from our government. Children will do what they want by the time they decide to try new things, which means responsible parenting should be the cause of your child/childrens poor choices, not the tax paying individuals.

  12. Sean

    I started vaping recently and since then I haven’t had a cigarette. Not only is there little to no smell and the vapor dissipates very quickly but it’s also helping me to stick around longer for my daughter. The government is a joke just like our neighbour’s to the south’s government as well. It’s all about the money and sadly big tobacco and drug companies fund these suits sitting high up in their ivory tower. How about they stop trying to figure out how to tax ejuice and allocate a larger portion of welfare money to fixing up our provinces? I work hard and I want to vape without having to spend double the amount per bottle when they sin tax the hell out of this. Honestly hoping for some kind of uprising soon. We need to wipe them out of office and start fresh.

  13. Marion

    some say If I can’t vape then I will likely go back to smoking which is just what the cigarette company’s want and I think the loss of taxes the government collects from cigs is also a factor don’t give in don’t let them kill you for money. There is no proof that second hand vapor is harmful as a matter of fact there is more compelling evidence to the contrary. If they want to make the world toxin free in the parts per billion level they have their work cut out for themselves and will have to give up a lot. so I guess they should ban things like ice cream or water as both can be harmful to your health and while they are at it lets ban some of the more hazardous ones like alcohol, canned tuna, gasoline, cars (not electric cars) Teflon, Gluten and breathing LOL. So control Nicotine yeah right they are spreading it on our food I a form of pesticide.

    So far anyone I have met who vapes is doing it to quit smoking or instead of smoking at all. Smoking looks and smells bad vape does not as a matter of fact some of them taste and smell lovely. No fire hazard I never heard of anyone dying from vaping in bed. No tar or carbon and all the other crap in cigs. I know kids try smoking it’s a fact of life and we can try to control that but so far nothing has stopped them except for ecigs as an option and the kids see it as cool most do not use the nicotine type having never smoked. This is not going to go away it is going to keep getting more and more popular and if it goes underground I guess I will be a closet user because I have no intention to go back to the smoke!

  14. Darrin Gould

    Here’s the truth of the matter at hand. The Government isn’t against Tobacco and Smoking…they’d love you to smoke even more! This is why they’re attacking Vaping. The Government on one end will say “Shame on you for Smoking…you should just Quit for your own good!”. They will tell you that they want you to quit so badly, that they put in so many Public Restriction’s, Tax Tobacco Highly, Tax Quit Smoking Aides to the same level as they do Cigarette’s! The Patch, Nicotine Gum, Zyban or whatever. The Government knows these Quit Smoking Aides will have a high rate of failure, so they know that either way, they’ve got you with Taxes, or in all likelyhood…you’ll go back to Cigarettes. Either way…THEY WIN. They do this also, in order to make it appear to the Public that they are the “Good Guy” in the War on Tobacco! Along come E-Cigs and numerous folks have found a safer way to quit burning Tobacco and control their nicotine intake. What does our Government do? “Shame on you for using E-Cigs and shame on you for quitting our Tobacco!”. What they are really saying is…”Go back to Smoking…we need that Tobacco Revenue!”…and we really don’t give a Shit about your Health! Either you Smoke Our Cigarette’s, Use Our Overpriced and often “Unsuccessful” Quit Smoking Aides…or we Regulate E-cigs under the same guidelines as Tobacco,so we can continue to fill our Coffer’s on your positive or negative Health Choices!!!

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