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Vaping Laws and Regulations in British Columbia

At Canada Vapes, we are proud to be the premier vaping supply store for vaping enthusiasts across British Columbia. Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned veteran, we’ve got you covered. With our unbeatable selection, competitive pricing, and commitment to service, we aim to be BC’s top choice for all things vaping.

Vaping Laws and Regulations in British Columbia

As Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia is known for its magnificent natural landscapes. As a BC vaper, it’s important to understand the provincial laws around vaping:

Minimum Age and Identification:

  • The legal age for purchasing vapour products in British Columbia is 19 years.
  • Acceptable forms of identification for purchasing these products include a passport, driver’s license with photo and birthdate, or an identification card issued by a government agency with photo and birthdate.

Specific Prohibitions:

  • Various definitions are provided regarding where vapour products are not to be sold, including definitions for “building or structure,” “campus,” and “public body.”
  • Certain places are exempt from the prohibition, such as health care providers’ spaces, government-leased areas, and certain designated spaces within retail premises.
  • Restrictions are specified for smoking or using vapour products near doorways, windows, or air intakes, with a prescribed distance of 6 meters. However, transit shelters are exempt from this rule.
  • Patios associated with public places are exempt from smoking and vapour product restrictions under specific conditions.

Exemptions and Accessories:

  • Exemptions exist for persons in care or residents in designated areas within care facilities, hotels, and for sampling e-substances within specific conditions.

Administrative Penalties:

  • Certain provisions of the Act and regulations are prescribed for administrative penalties, including prohibitions, display or promotion of vapour products, minimum package size, and warning signs.
  • Administrative penalties must be paid by specified methods and are enforced through orders and notices issued by the administrator.

Our team stays up-to-date on provincial and local vaping regulations so we can provide accurate information empowering BC vapers to enjoy vaping confidently and legally.

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We carry an unrivaled selection of vape mods suitable for every experience level. Beginners can explore simple pod systems like the  SMOK Novo 2X for an easy transition into vaping. Intermediate users will appreciate mid-range mods like the Innokin Coolfire Z80 for greater customization and power.

Advanced vapers can choose high-end devices like the Voopoo Argus GT II to enjoy ultimate customization and functionality. With hundreds of options from leading brands, we have the perfect device to suit your needs. Our knowledgeable staff can make recommendations based on your vaping preferences. Discover your next favorite mod with Canada’s top selection.

Satisfying E-Juices and Vape Liquids in British Columbia

Finding an all-day vape e-liquid you love can make all the difference in your vaping experience. That’s why we’re passionate about crafting premium, complex e-juice flavors at Canada Vapes. We use only the highest quality ingredients and nicotine to create smooth, satisfying vape juices tailored specifically to the tastes of Canadian vapers.

Explore tempting fruit flavors, sweet desserts and creamy custards, refreshing mints and menthols, bold coffees and tobaccos, and much more. With the array of flavors we offer, you’re sure to find a new favorite e-liquid.

Buy CBD & Dry Herb Vapes in British Columbia

Expand your vaping options with our lineup of CBD and dry herb vapes. In British Columbia, CBD vape products with less than 0.3% THC are legal for adults 19+. We carry top CBD brands like Black Widow and Yocan. For dry herb, we offer convection/conduction devices from Vivant, Herbva and others. Explore aromatic blends without combustion through vapes like the Vivant Ambit, Yocan Evolve, Herbva 5G and more. Trusted brands we offer include Black Widow, Yocan, Herbva, and Vivant. Discover the latest CBD and dry herb vapes at Canada Vapes British Columbia.

The cannabis laws in British Columbia:

  • Age Restriction: Individuals must be 19 years or older to buy, use, possess, or grow non-medical cannabis in British Columbia (B.C.).
  • Authorized Sellers: Non-medical cannabis is sold exclusively at government-run stores, licensed private retailers, and the B.C. government’s online store. The BC Liquor Distribution Branch operates public retail stores and an online store. Licensed private retailers are monitored and licensed by the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch. They are allowed to sell cannabis and cannabis accessories but cannot sell liquor, tobacco, or other items.
  • Excise Stamp: Legal non-medical cannabis in B.C. has an excise stamp attached to its packaging, indicating its legality. Each province and territory has a different colored cannabis excise stamp for products sold in their jurisdiction.
  • Possession Limits: Adults aged 19 and above can carry up to 30 grams of dried non-medical cannabis or its equivalent in public places. In non-public places, such as homes, the possession limit is 1,000 grams per household, based on the expected yield from four cannabis plants.
  • Public Use: Adults can smoke or vape cannabis in public spaces where tobacco smoking and vaping are allowed, but restrictions apply. Smoking or vaping cannabis is prohibited in places like playgrounds, sports fields, public buildings, workplaces, public patios, and within six meters of certain areas like bus stops and air intakes.
  • Medical Cannabis: Medical cannabis is regulated by Health Canada, and there are specific guidelines and roles for healthcare practitioners to prevent misuse.

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Experience ultimate portability and convenience with our wide selection of disposable vape brands. We carry top options like CV Bar, Geek Bar, ELF Bar, Allo Flavour Beast, STLTH, and Mr Fog Max Edition. No charging or maintenance needed – just open the package and start vaping! Disposables are perfect for vaping on the go. Enjoy access to all the latest disposable vape options at Canada Vapes British Columbia.

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