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Vancouver City proposes banning vape ads & other restrictions to curb youth vaping.

Ban on Vape Ads

Vancouver City proposes a motion to ban vape ads & minimum distances between vape shops and schools. Lisa Dominato has put forward a motion to limit the sale and promotion of vape equipment and Vape Ads within Vancouver City. There are currently no restrictions on the sales of vaping products and she is looking to … Read more

Ontario government set to ban vape advertising in gas stations and convenience stores

Shell Gas Station

The Province of Ontario has announced its plans to place a ban on advertising of any vaping-related products inside of variety stores and convenience stores.  This ban is set to be in place on January 1, 2020. This ban is set up to regulate advertising in areas where the general public has access.  It will … Read more

Harm reduction benefits of vaping may be allowed to be promoted according to Health Canada

Canada Flag

Our federal government is considering allowing vape companies to promote the health benefits of their products. Examples of these approved statements may include “switching completely from smoking to E-cigarettes will reduce harms your health” and “if you are a smoker switching completely to vaping is much less harmful option”. This may come as a surprise … Read more

Richmond British Columbia bans promotional advertisements for vaping on city property

Ad Standards

City Council voted unanimously against advertisements for vaping products on any city property throughout Richmond British Columbia. Clay Adams, who is the spokesperson for the city of Richmond, states “vaping is a significant health issue. All the evidence suggests that, and this is the at least one thing that we can do. We hope others … Read more

Canada to Regulate E-Cigarettes; Recommendations from the Standing Committee on Health

Canada Flag

This March the Standing Committee of Health produced a report outlining recommendations for the regulation of E-cigarettes based off of evidence collected from eight meetings with a total of thirty-three witnesses, including government officials, health officials, manufacturers, and users of the devices.  Overall  it looks hopeful, and potentially  good news for vapers in Canada.  You … Read more

Electronic Cigarette Advertisements – Will They Be Banned?


A recent US rule implemented by the FDA is attempting to regulate the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.  While this is certainly a good thing, and a positive step in the US electronic cigarette market, it is leaving many people wondering if this is just the first step in an electronic cigarette laundry list … Read more