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Harm reduction benefits of vaping may be allowed to be promoted according to Health Canada

Our federal government is considering allowing vape companies to promote the health benefits of their products.

Examples of these approved statements may include “switching completely from smoking to E-cigarettes will reduce harms your health” and “if you are a smoker switching completely to vaping is much less harmful option”.

This may come as a surprise to some individuals who have been reading reports on of vaping and lung disease. It is important to understand that the above statements are accurate, and will be beneficial to current smokers considering the use of E cigarettes.

The data has shown that the vast majority of individuals affected by vaping related illness have been using THC pods that are often unregulated, and not nicotine vaping products. In fact, nicotine vaping products have been on the market for over 15 years, are currently used by an estimated 50 million people across the world, and have not shown any history of acute illness related to their use.

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The key here is to ensure that these advertisements are viewed only by adults who are currently smoking cigarettes.

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