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Health Canada May Permit Promotion of Vaping’s Health Benefits

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Federal Government’s Consideration Our federal government is contemplating allowing vape companies to advertise the health benefits of their products. Potential Approved Statements Examples of these approved statements might include “switching completely from smoking to E-cigarettes will reduce harms to your health” and “if you are a smoker, switching completely to vaping is a much less … Read more

CDC Report – Significant Decline in Young Adult Smokers Disproves ‘Gateway Effect’ of Vaping

CDC Report

CDC’s Findings A recent study released by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention presents intriguing data. The CDC reports that between 2014 and 2018, the percentage of young adults aged 18-24 who currently smoke cigarettes in the United States has dropped from 16.7% to 7.8%. This represents an overall reduction of over 50% in … Read more

E-cigarettes could save hundreds of millions of lives, scientists tell WHO

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Health authorities continue to view e-cigarettes as a threat, but experts cite potential for harm reduction More than 50 public health experts and nicotine experts, including five Canadians, are urging the World Health Organization not to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products, because they say doing so could jeopardize a “significant health innovation” that could save hundreds … Read more