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Proposed bill in Saskatchewan will increase restrictions on vaping

Jim Reiter, the Health Minister of Saskatchewan has introduced a bill proposing changes to the Tobacco Control Act.

The legal age for smoking in Saskatchewan will remain at 18; however, the majority of current tobacco regulations and laws will now be emulated to vaping products. The proposed restrictions will mirror those currently in place for tobacco in advertising and displays.

Reiter states “If you walk into a convenience store, the vaping products are going to have to be behind the screen. They can’t have advertising when you walk in.  the same restrictions as tobacco on where you can vape,  it’s the same as we can smoke. I would say, very broadly speaking, what you’re seeing is it being treated exactly like tobacco”.

This is a great supporting argument to limit the sale of vaping products to regulated vape stores.  This way, patrons will be required to show government identification on entering the location as opposed to gas stations and convenience stores, where anyone can enter. Unfortunately, it looks like this is not the way the Saskatchewan government will regulate vaping products.

Reiter noted that this is a complex issue because smokers use vaping products as a smoking cessation tool.

If this Proposed bill in Saskatchewan is passed, the first stages of this bill would ban displays of any vaping and e-cigarette products in any areas that young people have access to such as convenience stores, gas stations, etc. The bill would also ban sales of vaping products at amusement parks, arcades, and theatres. The ban would also include prohibiting vaping in and around public buildings such as schools.

From our perspective, regulating vaping products is a much better plan than outright banning them. E-cigarettes have their place and are saving lives across Canada. By adding restrictions that should reduce the youth’s access to vapes in Saskatchewan, we believe this to be a good overall step.

Information for this article was provided by Regina Leader Post.



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