USA made product linked to London, Ontario Vaping illness

On September 18th, an unnamed teenage male was admitted to the hospital for ‘vaping related illness’ in London, Ontario.  Absolutely no details about what product(s) were being used by the individual, however, there was a a blanket ‘danger ‘ cry was outcast by our media suggesting all vapes are dangerous, and to avoid all vaping products.

Over a week, and dozens of fear mongering Canadian media stories later, Dr. Chris Mackie from the Middlesex London health unit has finally shared more details on the product involved in this illness.   “This product was a product purchased online by this youth.  It was not something purchased in a store in Canada”, Mackie writes.

It has now been suggested that the majority of the illnesses taking place in the United States are the result of illicit THC vape pods using Vitamin E Acetate, and not the results of vaping e-liquid with nicotine.   Had this fact been given by Dr. Mackie immediately it could have prevented some vapers converting back to cigarettes (from vaping nicotine) due to unsubstantiated health fears.

In my opinion, this was an opportunity for Dr. Mackie to get on his anti-vaping soapbox, and state to the world his opinion.  Had he come forward with the whole truth, he could have saved lives by promoting the fact that it was an American purchased THC product that caused this illness.

Now weeks later the CDC has come out and suggested various THC Pods to be avoided in the US, and this could have been information given to other Canadians more then a week before his announcement.  If there is one teen in Canada buying THC pods online from the US, your damn well sure there are hundreds more across the Country.  Letting the public know about this would have done a great deal to prevent any further illnesses in Canada.

Let’s imagine this were a situation where a specific drug or food product had caused a serious illness in Canada.  If the health practitioner had waited over a week before disclosing the purchase location of the product, or any details about the sickness, there would be outrage.

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