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US to ban e-cigarette sales to minors — is Canada Next?

US and Canada

After many years of neglect, the U.S. food and drug administration has finally proposed a rule that would ban the sale of e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18. In our humble opinion, this is something that should have been addressed years ago. This long-awaited proposal would be the first federal regulation of electronic … Read more

Electronic Cigarette Advertisements – Will They Be Banned?


A recent US rule implemented by the FDA is attempting to regulate the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.  While this is certainly a good thing, and a positive step in the US electronic cigarette market, it is leaving many people wondering if this is just the first step in an electronic cigarette laundry list … Read more

Electronic cigarettes with nicotine “very similar to drinking coffee” UK Professor reports

coffee flavoured E liquid

Electronic Cigarettes effects are very similar to drinking coffee A UK professor states electronic cigarettes with nicotine are “very similar to drinking coffee” to the body. A recent test was completed at Queen Mary University in London, England with a subject.  He is having the levels of carbon monoxide tested both after using en electronic … Read more

Vaping on Air Canada – Air Canada staff allows electronic cigarette use on flight

Man Vapes his electronic Cigarette on Air Canada Flight On March 28th, a man boarding an Air Canada flight headed to Toronto from Calgary airport vaping his electronic cigarette.  This man continued to vape throughout the flight, and many were surprised that the Air Canada flight attendants either did not see him, or did nothing … Read more

Electronic cigarette variable voltage and resistance – A beginners guide

Vaping Voltage

Understanding Variable Voltage and Accessory Resistance (Ohm ratings) – A beginners guide As if choosing an electronic cigarette were not confusing enough, new customers now have to deal with options like ‘low resistance’ and ‘variable voltage’ devices.  In addition to choosing atomizers, clearomizers, bottom or top feeding accessories, single use vs. rebuildable, and choosing e-liquid … Read more

Smartphone Battery Charges in 30 Seconds!

close up of a smartphone.

Awesome new battery charges in 30 seconds — When will this be available for your electronic cigarette?   In awesome tech news, a new battery that uses something called nanodots was just demonstrated at Microsoft’s Think next symposium.  It is the brainchild of Israeli company StoreDot. Not only does it manage to charge small batteries … Read more

Keeping your kids safe – Being responsible with your electronic cigarette

keeping kids safe

Being Responsible with Your Electronic Cigarettes I can remember back BEFORE lighters were childproof. I actually remember as a teenager who smoked buying these new fancy lighters with metal circles inside of them, and how annoying they were.  I actually remember pulling apart my Bic lighter to remove this annoying metal piece that made it … Read more

Electronic cigarette Vapor vs. Cigarette Smoke – A practical experiment

Blue vape device.

Electronic Cigarette Vapor vs. Cigarette Smoke When people are smoking cigarettes, one of the biggest preaching points from non smokers is second hand smoke.  We have now seen the dramatic negative effects of non-smokers who work in smokey envirnments for years and years.  From cancer to lung deseise to heart demise, all by just breathing … Read more

Health Canada moves to get read on e-cigarette use

Canada Vapes

Seven years after the first electronic cigarettes arrived in this country, Health Canada is finally taking steps to get a handle on the booming market for the controversial devices. The department’s Controlled Substances and Tobacco Directorate proposes to award a contract, worth up to $232,000, to Montreal firm AC Nielsen to provide data on retail … Read more